Promoting Clean Air: What Do We Hope To Achieve?

Smoke belching is growing to be a serious offense around the many cities found in the Philippines. Indeed, it is one of the vast problems that our world faces. Not only does it pose harm to the health of the very citizens of the country, it even destroys the natural resources that support Filipinos for their everyday livelihood. Furthermore, this problem highly contributes to the feared phenomenon which is Global Warming. Although the idea of the problem is very basic, its results and consequences are very mind-blowing and seriously irreversible. As one nation, every Filipino should participate in this Global outreach in order to save the planet. One way in doing so is to improve our self-system when it comes to protecting the environment; an aspect that the country must focus on is none other than the dangerous smoke emitted by vehicles around the metro. 

As a team, we decided to focus on this particular advocacy due to the fact that it is a very evident problem in the country, particularly around Metro Manila. Realistically speaking, as a team of college freshmen, we cannot simply terminate and eliminate all smoke belchers present around the city. This would be a long term goal that we plan to attain by educating the public and molding them to exhibit proper decorum when it comes to taking good care of the environmental factors. We plan to achieve a community where the people are highly aware of the causes and the effects of smoke-belching. Hence, motivating them to be more knowledgable over the problem, as well as disciplined with their actions. 

In order to address the stated matters, it is a requisite to gain knowledge and target the causes of this global predicament. There are various causes of smoke belching; the most common reason of such problem is the improper maintenance of the vehicles causing the mobile’s engine to emit unnecessary smoke in the air. Second, improper driving is also a factor which can contribute to smoke belching due to the fact that a person’s driving affects the vehicles functioning. Hence, a wrong manner of doing so may cause the emission of unwanted smoke. In addition, the motor oil and type of fuel used is also a major factor in contributing to smoke belching because these are the substances burned during combustion. As one may observe, all the main causes of vehicle’s smoke emission primarily depends on the responsibility of the owners (drivers). Clearly, it is a must for citizens to be equipped with the proper knowledge so that they may exhibit preventive ways of smoke belching; i.e. regular motor oil change, use of high quality diesel/gasoline, regular vehicle tune-ups, air-filter cleaning and the like. 

In order to achieve our goals, we can take the opportunity of tying up with Clean Air Asia (NGO) as we suggest to the Land Transportation Office to include in one of their programs an orientation/seminar which will educate people (particularly drivers) on the causes of smoke-belching and its effects to the human race in the long run. Although a seminar may only include a number of people at a time, this doesn’t mean that the spread of knowledge takes a halt there. That way, they will also be able to share their new findings with fellow colleagues. 

Furthermore, regarding the preventions or possible solutions to reduce smoke belching, although this may be addressed and taught to the people, there is usually an obstacle because most drivers cannot even afford to maintain their vehicles. Taking this for instance, tricycle or jeepney drivers (non-corporation) may not be able to support their own maintenance given the situation that they have families to support as well. This could be a great program suggestion for Clean Air Asia (NGO) so that they may conduct activities which could fund repairs/maintenance for these vehicles. 

Given these causes, possible ways of educating the people, feasible solutions and potential non-governmental programs to aid the Anti-Smoke Belching campaign, it is no question at all that the chances of eliminating or reducing the problem truly exists. It is simply a matter of concern from the citizens which is why their awareness must be increased as they are equipped with the proper knowledge regarding this global dilemma. Until then, we are slowly losing our chances of saving the planet as time passes by. 

Anti-Smoke Belching

A person may hear and read so much about campaigns urging the public to gather as one in order to protect and save the planet Earth. It is, indeed, a phenomenon to question why humans should even be concerned by this particular matter when there are a lot of other concerns to address; economic crises, state wars, incapable political leaders and various recurring social problems within and among countries. The simplest explanation about why the environment even matters at all is that, as humans, the environment – Mother Earth – is our home. This is the place where we live and breathe. Hence, our entire life support system depends on the well-being of the planet and its species. 

Nevertheless, despite that fact, it is very evident that humans are causing the destruction of the Earth system as they pose a threat to environmental degradation. There are many factors present which can deteriorate the country’s natural resources. In a very modern human world, one of which that highly contributes to the said dilemma is polluting the air we breathe. It is very bothersome to witness the public’s ignorance regarding the importance of the stated matter as many of the country’s driving citizens contribute to the smoke emission (casually referred to as smoke belching). 

“Save The Planet Earth” – A simple and easy catchphrase that contains good moral intentions. Yet, it appears as if the citizens of our country are very reluctant on understanding this. As a result, the public tends to fail on realizing the true significance of this thoughtful reminder. Although saving the Earth cannot be done in an instant manner, there are many ways of which one may be able to contribute in order to preserve the planet. One way to do so is to stop smoke-belching which is considered to be the number one major contributor to air pollution. 

As a citizen of the country, an inhabitant of the planet Earth, this pressing issue bothers me a lot due to the fact that the chances of destroying the planet and possibly annihilating every life form is heightened whenever citizens smoke-belch. In the long run, this critical problem will be the cause of diverse problems to the environment. First, this may bring increased smog which will act like black blankets over cities which will make the skyline view blurred. Second, smoke belching also contributes to producing acid rain. Acid rain occurs when the chemical composition of the water changes due to the chemicals from pollutants (smoke emitted). Hence, the water becomes very acidic causing the droplets from the rain harmful to forests and bodies of water. Last, but certainly not the least, smoke belching also contributes to increasing global warming. Global Warming is also caused by air pollution which occurs by the excess of carbon dioxide in the air. Through smoke belching, those chemicals from the smoke emitted by vehicle engines reach the atmosphere and eventually causes the distinct change in ozone levels.

The protection of our environment is important for human health which means that the ability to breathe clean air is fundamental for our welfare. In addition, our natural resources are also affected heightening the chances of environmental degradation. Many of our resources are non-renewable which means that when they run out, humans will be forced to search for alternatives in order to continue surviving in this world. No human being would have desire to even reach that point.

The identified problem is very huge and substantial and it cannot be solved in an instant manner. It is a process which involves the entire human race working together in taking care of the planet. Unless the public’s eyes are opened to this reality so that they may be able to change their actions, they should not complain when the times comes that Mother Earth can no longer sustain any life forms. The people have the freedom and the knowledge to decide on their actions which means that they must utilize this power and privilege wisely. Hence, the old catchphrase continues, “Save The Planet Earth”.

Votation System Flaw

Political Science, casually referred to as “the Art of the Government”, is, indeed, a very complex and crucial field in the Philippines for it strives to decipher the prevailing problems that are present in the country. The success of this endeavor is, of course, largely in the hands of the said country’s elected political leader. With that, it is definite that the process of voting must be highly regarded and conducted wisely by each and every Filipino voter. Nevertheless, the existence of imperfections in the system are inevitable; a very remarkable flaw, in this case, concerns the Filipino convention of electing political leaders who will govern the country’s administration. It is very bothersome to witness the public being blinded and falling into the trap of fame, artsy advertisements/commercials, catchy jingles and the like.

“Don’t Forget To Vote Wisely” – A simple and easy catchphrase which contains good moral intentions. Yet, it appears that many Filipinos have been reluctant on understanding this. As a result, the public tends to fail on realizing the true significance of this thoughtful reminder. It is quite unconventional that there is a large count of popular individuals who are being voted into different positions. However, come to think of it, there is nothing wrong with famous people who are deciding to run for office. Given the idea that they possess positive endeavors for the improvement of the country, there seems to be no reason at all to even hinder them from being elected. Technically, if a person is wealthy or famous, he/she should not be discriminated for it because each citizen of the country who decides to run has equal rights. Furthermore, there is also nothing immoral when members of the Filipino society vote for their respective choices as political leaders. 

Although the stated matters are not the issue, one must not be imperceptive of the true recurring dilemma of which many Filipinos are too easily persuaded to vote for people who are hyped up by the social media without truly knowing the candidates’ profiles. To simply put it, Filipinos have a tendency to overlook the authentic career backgrounds of the political candidates as they are effortlessly captivated by the charisma of celebrities running for office and/or candidates who are simply well-known to the public. The idea of this existing phenomenon is completely infuriating because given the current problematic situation of the Philippines, the Filipino mass still neglects the agenda of appointing leaders who can truly offer service. Hence, reducing the country’s burdens.

The question of why famous celebrities decide on running for office is always being asked. Obviously, their probable incapability could hurt the country’s state even more. The serious question would simply be; why is this occurring in our country? As mentioned earlier, one cannot blame a famous person for running for he/she is legal to do so. In addition, one must not also blame a voter for he/she is just exercising his/her right to vote. What we must be conscious of is the fact that many of our country’s voters are not sagacious or sensible enough to realize that each of their votes go a very long way in the political industry. The true question that should be asked is why the Filipino mass being outsmarted by, possibly, publicity stunts being conducted by these individuals?

As a citizen of the country, this pressing issue in the society bothers me a lot because the chances of a catastrophic government is heightened when people elected are possibly not capable of running the country. Each and every one of us who are citizens of this nation will have to face the harsh and uncalled for reality that the country is in a crisis. Given that situation, how much more can we afford to elect political leaders know noting about the science behind running a government? Everyone should be upset by the fact that we are the ones causing our own downfalls. 

Unless the public’s eyes are opened to this reality so that they may be able to change their existing standards of selecting candidates, they should not complain if the situation becomes any worse because they are the ones who selected the set of leaders to govern the country. The people are given the right to select who will and should lead the country which this power should be utilized wisely. Hence, the old catchphrase continues, “Don’t Forget To Vote Wisely”.

Questions re: Social Entrepreneurship

What are the targeted social problems that your social entrepreneurship plans to improve/solve?

How does this social entrepreneurship plan to help the needy/poor? Specific instances.

How do you visualize the situation of the different communities with the long term effect of this social entrepreneurship?

Formative Assessment: The Future

“Canal de la Reina” ni Liwayway A. Arceo (Kabanata 21-25)

1. Pinakita ni Leni at ni Geronimo na sa oras ng pangangailangan, nagkakaisa ang mga tao upang magtulong-tulong na makaahon sa oras ng paghihirap. Ang kaugalian na ito ng mga Pilipino ay ang pagiging hindi makasarili. Kahit na sa mga panahon na puno ng problema, nagagawa pa rin ng mga tao na isipin ang iba at tulungan ang mga ito.

2. Para sa akin, sa kilos ni Junior ng pagbalik ng bayong kay Nyora Tentay, makikita natin sa kaugalian nito ang pagnanais ng pagkakaroon ng hustisya sa pagitan ng mga tao. Totoo na kapag nakuha nila ang bayong na iyon, bagsak na si Nyora Tentay at wala na itong magagawa pa sa kanilang labanan. Ngunit, ano nga ba ang nangyari? Mas pinili pa ng pamilya nina Caridad na itabi muna sa gilid ang pagkakainitan sa kaso at pinili na gawin ang nararapat. Mayroong hustisya sa aksyon na iyon dahil hindi nila sinamantala ang madali na sanang pagbagsak ng matanda. Sa totoo pa nga ay tinulungan pa nila ito. Samakatuwid, maliban sa pagkakaroon ng hustisya, matulungin at hindi maramot ang pamilya de los Angeles.


Ingga: Ninakaw niya ang bayong ni Nyora Tentay na naglalaman ng alahas at mga importanteng papeles. Sa ugali ni Nyora Tentay na salapi ang nagpapaikot sa kanyang mundo, para nang ninakaw ni Ingga ang kanyang buhay. At bakit? Ito ay dahil sa mga naranasan ng kasambahay na ito. Pinuno ni Nyora Tentay ang araw-araw niyang buhay ng pagsisigaw at pagpapahirap. Hindi masisisi si Ingga sa nais niyang maghiganti sa pagkakataon na iyon.

Leni: Pagtulong niya sa mga nasalanta at apektado sa bagyo. Alam natin na doktor/manggagamot itong si Leni at ninais niyang ialay ang kanyang serbisyo sa mga tao na naapektuhan ng matinding bagyo. Bakit kaya? Bakit nalang ganoon ang pagtingin ni Leni sa sitwasyon? Ninais pa nito na maging doktor sa pangkalahatan (general practitioner), hindi na lamang sa pedia. Ito ay dahil kitang-kita ni Leni at bukas ang kanyang mga mata sa paghihirap ng mga tao. Bilang isang indibidwal, ang aksyon niya na iyon ay isa nang paraan na makagawa ng pagbabago sa lipunan.

Tisya: Pinilit niyang ibenta ni Osyong ang lupain kay Nyora Tentay upang makabayad ng utang. Oo, mali ang nangyaring pagbebenta ng lupa dahil hindi sa kanila iyon. Hindi sila ang may-ari ng nasabing lupa sa Canal de la Reina. Ngunit, mayroong pagiging desperado at pagkalubha sa likod ng nangyari. Kilala natin si Nyora Tentay a pagiging mapangahas sa mga taong umuutang sa kanya. Maaring naipit lamang sa sitwasyon ang pamilya nina Osyong at Tisya kaya binenta ang bahay. Mapapagkatiwalaan sila ngunit sa panahon ng pagkagipit at pagkaipit, mahirap talaga ang sitwasyon.


Kabanata 21-22: Dapat handa tayong magsakripisyo at mag-alay ng ating serbisyo sa mga taong nangangailangan. Hindi lahat ng tayo ay nabibiyayaan kaya karapat-dapat natin silang alalayan sa mundong ito.

Kabanata 23: Sa mga panahon ng pagkagipit at pagiging desperado, minsan ay napipilitang tayong gumawa ng hindi tama o hindi ninanais talaga para lang mabigyan ng solusyon ang problema na kasalukuyang hinaharap. Ngunit, sa huli, iikot lamang at babalik ang problema. Hindi permanento ang pagkahinto ng prolbema (i.e. Ang nangyari na pagbenta nila Osyong ng lupain para makabayad sa utang kay Nyora Tentay).

Kabanata 24: Kahit na mayroon tayong galit o pagkakainitan laban sa iba, importante pa rin na mayroon tayong tamang pag-iisip sa pagtrato ng ibang tao. Kaaway man sila o hindi, gawin dapat ang nararapat at bigyan ng hustisya ang sitwasyon. Hindi karapat-dapat samantalahin ang isang tao sa oras ng kanyang pagbagsak/kahinaan (i.e. Pagbalik ni Junior ng bayong kay Nyora Tentay).

Kabanata 25: Walang mangyayari sa ating buhay at hindi natin makakamit ang tunay na kasiyahan kapag salapi o kayamanan ang nagpapatakbo sa ating mundo (i.e. Pagkabaliw ni Nyora Tentay nang mawala ang bayong na laman ang kanyang alahas at papeles. Hindi na nito matandaan sa huli).


“Canal de la Reina” ni Liwayway A. Arceo (Kabanata 11-15)

1. Sa paanong paraan gustong magbayad ni Nyora Tentay ang mga taong may utang sa kanya?

Una, mayroon na silang usapan na mayroong tubo si Nyora Tentay na benteng porsiyento. Pangalawa, kinakailangan na mabalik ng umutang ang pera sa isang partikular na oras at kapag hindi, mareremata ang nasabing bagay. Maliban sa mga ito, nagbabato pa si Nyora Tentay ng mga panlalait sa mga taong humihingi ng tulong sa kanya. Hindi niya ito basta-basta tutulungan. Kahit mahirap, mangsesermon pa ang matanda at manlalait.

2. Ano ang ipinapakita ng Canal de la Reina sa paraan ng pagkamit ng hustisya sa bansa noon?

Pinapakita sa aklat na malaki ang nagiging pandaraya sa pagkamit ng hustisya sa bansa noon. Agad-agad na mapapansin ng mga mambabasa sa nobela ay ang pagkapit ng iilang mga tauhan sa mga may kapangyarihan/posisyon sa gobyerno. Maliban sa ginawa ni Nyora Tentay na pagsisipsip sa bumisitang opisyal sa kanyang bahay, dinadaan naman ni Nyora Tentay sa pera upang makapwesto ng maayos sa laban nila ni Caridad. Matindi at malaki ang ebidensya ni Caridad kaya ito na ang ginagamit ni Nyora Tentay na paraan para makabawi at makalaban. Kitang-kita na walang hustisya at hindi patas ang pagbawi ng matanda.

3. Ihambing ang labanan ni Nyora Tentay at ni Caridad sa kasalukuyang panahon.

Maaaring halimbawa ang mga mayayaman at mga mahihirap na nag-aagawan sa lupa. Alam naman natin na minsan mayroong mga mahihirap na tumitira sa illegal na paraan sa iba’t ibang lugar. Ngunit, minsan kahit maaari naman ang kanilang ginagawa, sila’y naaagawan ng lupa dahil ginagamit ng mga mayayaman ang kanilang impluwensya, yaman at koneksyon para makuha ang gusto (i.e. kunin ang lupa). Maniwala o hindi, walang magagawa ang mga mahihirap sa puntong ito dahil ano pa ang mailalaban nila sa ibang taong may kapangyarihan. Lumalabas nanaman muli ang isyu tungkol sa pagkawalang hustisya noon.