Safety Regulations in Performing Laboratory Activities

” The purpose of this handbook is to promote safety awareness and encourage proper work practices in the laboratory.”

As part of the students’ education, specifically in the aspect of Science, each one is encouraged to be exposed to the environment of a laboratory. In a chemistry laboratory, students are taught practically by handling numerous chemicals, analyzing data/observations, using different laboratory equipment, etc. To make every single one of these possible, one must learn to understand and follow the given instructions, rules and regulations. Basically, this is the main purpose for the presence of a laboratory handbook. It was made to be able to make the students aware. Thus, encouraging them to exhibit proper behavior and skills while inside the laboratory. 

Three main points that the laboratory handbook had emphasized are responsibility, safety and of course, ability.

Being Responsible

Being in a laboratory requires an individual to be very responsible for his/her actions. As we all know, whenever we deal with different experiments, different laboratory equipment are provided for our own convenient use. This actually means that we do not own these different materials. One should always remember that the different laboratories are not for exclusive use. They were built and designed for the benefit of the entire student body. Certain laboratory equipments may get really expensive, such as glassware, which will make it very hard for the school to immediately replace if any are lost, stolen or damaged. Remember, if any of these occur, the student who lost/stole/broke the equipment will be responsible in replacing it and will receive a sanction, as well. With this, every student/user should be very careful and responsible when it comes to dealing matters inside the laboratory. 

Stay Safe

Aside from being responsible with our actions in the laboratory, keeping ourselves safe should be a priority too. Whenever we conduct laboratory experiments, we never know when danger or accidents will strike which means we should always be ready for anything that may unexpectedly happen. First of all, before doing the actual experiment, one should be wearing the proper safety attire in the laboratory or venue of the experiment. By safety attire, this means having gloves, goggles and lab aprons/gowns. Also, one should properly understand the given instructions/guidelines to further avoid any misunderstanding that may also cause an accident. However, even with these, there are still many instances where in we may encounter accidents during experiments. With this, we should always be ready with a first aid kit. The laboratory handbook actually comes with a section that will teach the students the proper ways of handling accidents in the laboratory. 

Using One’s Abilities – Laboratory Techniques

The laboratory handbook contains a section which emphasizes on following the given guidelines and the use of proper laboratory techniques. By doing so, both safety and execution of the experiment will be affected. In terms of safety, of course, by following the guidelines, we will be able to avoid the different accidents which may have been caused my misunderstandings from the instructions given. Now, in terms of executing the experiment, if we follow the given guidelines and apply knowledge from laboratory techniques, we will be able to perform our experiments properly and efficiently.

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